Cyber and Data Breach

Cyber and Data Breach

Everyone hears about Data Breach and Cyber Coverage, but have you thought about it?  I often hear " I don't need this coverage" or " Its just for the big companies"  Statistic prove tht the majority of Data Compromise happens to small privately-owned companies, not large corporations.

Every Commercial entity now holds some sort of personal information of individuals, employees or vendors. This data may be as simple as emails or drivers license numbers, social security numbers and login credentials such as passwords.

A recent claim example involved a hardware store.  The owner of the store accidentally installed malware on his stores's point of sale device.  This allowed unauthorized access to customers's names and credit card numbers.  The owner had over $100,000 in out of pocket expenses incurred for this loss.

We know that insurance is not always on your mind, but it is on our minds. Please give us a call and we will be glad to quote cyber for your company.

Thank you, 

Cynthia Bunt

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